WSO2.Telco’s Hub enables multi-operator aggregation, discovery, routing and interconnectivity of services and aggregates services exposed by other hubs and gateways, and via direct connections from MNOs. It provides a single point of integration for enterprises and service providers with comprehensive administration, rating, and reporting. It can be used to provide hosted Mobile Connect functionality for a Telco group or an entire nation.

Key Features

  • Complete API management capabilities provided by the renowned WSO2 API Manager
  • Self service portals for onboarding SPs
  • Single endpoint for SPs and CPs
  • Development and integration sandbox
  • Pre-built integration to the GSMA API and MCX Exchanges

Dynamic Analytics

  • Powerful dashboard and reports
  • High performance data capture
  • Permission-based self service and admin portals
  • Real-time traffic monitoring

Robust Identity and Governance

  • Freely download and deploy Mobile Connect features
  • Token based API security and access control
  • Secure and efficient identity and entitlement management
  • Governance and policy control
  • Anonymous customer reference