Capturing Mobile OTT Opportunities


Axiata Group Berhad (Axiata), one of Asia’s largest telecommunications companies, through its digital services unit, Axiata Digital Services (ADS), launches MIFE, its own Application Programme Interface (API) platform for all of its Operating Companies (OpCos) across.

The Challenge

Axiata felt that mobile operators were in danger of being relegated to the background by over-the-top (OTT) providers. Furthermore, the types of innovative new services being provided by some of these OTT players compete directly with operators’ traditional revenue streams. The company recognized that in today’s connected world, APIs play a pivotal role in enabling MNOs to extend relationships with partners and customers across the mobile Internet and drive new business models.

The Solution

Axiata realized that it needed to provide a clear value proposition that made it easy for OTT providers and developers to work with group companies, and create compelling new business and partnership models.

The in-house R&D team created a new platform powered by WSO2 middleware specifically designed to support the needs of the Axiata family of operators, embracing modern agile business practices and reducing traditional choke points.

This API-driven digital enablement platform offers MNOs

  • An ecosystem for the deployment of API-driven applications/services by sitting on top of telecom business support systems
  • Core network infrastructure
  • Digital services assets such as mobile wallet, and digital advertising systems
  • Easy and faster creation of services by both developers and the community
  • The ability to abstract all complex MNO interfaces into easy-to-use APIs and wizards
  • Cost-effective solutions compared with others in the market

The Results

  • Dialog (who launched the platform first) has added 4,800-plus applications and services to its mobile network in just over two years of operation.
  • The overall solution deployed in Sri Lanka has generated massive interest from developers; their products and services offered to Dialog’s nine million customers have realized a new revenue stream that’s growing at 20% per month.
  • The platform enabled group innovations to be shared by other group companies, dramatically increasing speed to market and reducing opportunity costs.
  • The platform has been rolled out across the whole Axiata family of operators and is called the Mobile Internet Fulfilment Exchange (MIFE). This, in turn, has helped Axiata’s operators to
    • Leverage their network assets
    • Reduce opportunity costs
    • Initiate new partnerships
    • Retain consumer loyalty with innovative new digital services