WSO2.Telco launches Digital Hub in India – creating an opportunity for Indian communication providers and enterprises to transform the way they do business

March 17, 2016

WSO2.Telco’s approach allows communications providers and enterprises to rapidly create and deploy new connected services thanks to its innovative API-driven collaboration layer

New Delhi, India, 3 February 2016 – WSO2.Telco has launched its first Digital Enablement Hub in India, following the 2015 launch of its Singapore Hub and dedicated Hub for the Axiata Group Berhad – one of the largest telecommunications groups in Asia with over 250 million customers.
The launch of WSO2.Telco’s Hub gives India-based communications providers and enterprises the opportunity to transform the way they do business by removing many of the bottlenecks that have historically made engaging in the digital ecosystem a slow and expensive process. Powered by WSO2.Telco’s breakthrough technology, the Hub gives MNOs, enterprises and developers a single point of integration, creating a simple, agile digital services ecosystem.

With its dedicated telecommunications features, the Hub can help mobile network operators (MNOs) accelerate their participation in Digital India’s journey towards universal mobile and Internet access.

The Hub is offered on a subscription basis and allows MNOs and enterprises to expose, manage and orchestrate multiple network services via web-centric APIs – all at a fraction of the cost of legacy systems, with minimal upfront investment.

WSO2.Telco’s Digital Enablement Hubs all include a powerful digital identity module which provides features such as single sign-on, federated identity and secure authentication – services that are critical for regulated national industries such as health, government and finance, as well as India’s booming e-commerce sector. For MNOs the platform provides the ability to offer Identity as a Service (IDaaS) and can integrate with existing internal identity systems and authentication channels seamlessly.

Jayanth Kolla, co-founder of research and advisory firm Convergence Catalyst, said: “Transformation doesn’t happen overnight, but it certainly won’t happen quickly in India unless a change happens in how regulated entities do business. Rigorous processes and integrations handled in silos have slowed innovation and increased costs and go-to-market time. The result is that only the very largest ISPs and enterprises can afford to engage, diminishing the role that a MNO’s network assets can play in the digital economy. WSO2.Telco’s solution clearly seems to address this fundamental issue removing both cost and procedural barriers to entry. We will be following their progress with interest.”

Kumi Thiruchelvam, CEO of WSO2.Telco, said: “The launch of our Indian Hub is a significant milestone for both WSO2.Telco and India’s rapidly expanding digital ecosystem. Our platform provides a simple and cost-effective way for operators to immediately accelerate digital transformation and open the way for new and innovative services. Through our Hubs in Singapore and now India, we are already positioned to enable MNOs to partner with digital service providers addressing a fifth of the world’s population. Crucially, our approach helps existing companies deliver the new services and mobile ecosystem in order to achieve the hugely ambitious targets that make up the Digital India initiative.”

Key features of the WSO2.Telco Hub include:

· Complete API management Hub in the cloud for communication providers and enterprises – enabling API and Identity Management as a Service
· Full monetization framework with multiple rating templates (value-based, transaction -based, subscription-based, etc.)
· Rapid on-boarding of services and publishing of APIs
· Designed to address local data and privacy regulations thanks to enhanced
· API security, authentication and anonymization algorithms

For companies wishing to migrate to dedicated servers WSO2.Telco offers seamless migration to dedicated cloud, hybrid or on premise instances using the same code and with no re-engineering of interfaces.

The open source WSO2.Telco solution was built by an experienced telco development team and is based on the powerful open source WSO2 middleware, already used by multiple global companies. WSO2.Telco enables operators to build and leverage partnerships in the Internet space rapidly, at minimal cost of entry, minus the process constraints that commonly stifle integration projects. Multiple MNOs are already enjoying the benefits of WSO2.Telco’s technology.

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