Internal Gateway


100% open source

Complete API Management capabilities based on WSO2 API Manager and Telco specific custom gateway handlers

Discovery and governance layer for internal APIs and Microservices

Cost reduction through minimizing change requests on core IT and Network systems

Framework for multiple IT teams to work together in publishing as well as in consuming APIs

Application and subscription approval workflow enabling governance, ownership, and accountability

Manage access and discoverability of APIs based on user roles across multiple IT teams

Traceability and audit trails for all API subscription, consumption and publishing

Library of connectors to integrate to most standard-based components and common vendor interfaces in an MNO OSS/BSS system powered by WSO2 EI

Built-in MNO-specific adapters (SMPP 3.4, Webservices, VXML and Diameter)

Includes Analytics/Reporting service (Total API traffic, Transactions, API responses, Error rates)

Realtime alerts based on abnormal API behavior and/or change in SP API consumption patterns

Customizable dashboard with automated report generation and emailing

Compliant with TMF Open API program