Internal Gateway

WSO2.Telco’s Internal Gateway provides an internal API marketplace that enables innovation through rapid service creation. It helps to expose proprietary interfaces from access, core, and IT systems as web-centric REST APIs via a single consistent API management platform for consumption by internal developers.

  • Get complete API management capabilities provided by the renowned WSO2 API Manager
  • Enable internal service innovation
  • Rapidly create and iterate development of services without affecting core systems
  • Reduce cost of launching new services through minimization of change requests
  • Enable multiple IT teams to publish APIs on the same API manager and ensure integrity of their own system through rigorous governance and traceability
  • Reduce the need for a domain expert as all subsystems will be accessible via self-service portals with a consistent authentication mechanism with well-documented REST APIs

Key Features

  • Freely download and deploy Mobile Connect features
  • Complete API management capabilities provided by the renowned WSO2 API Manager
  • Discovery and governance layer for internal APIs and microservices framework
  • Application and subscription approval workflow enabling governance, ownership, and accountability to be maintained for all approved applications supporting multiple teams that publish APIs
  • Manage access and discoverability of APIs based on user roles
  • Library of connectors to integrate to most standard-based components and common vendor interfaces