Mobile Identity Gateway


100% open source

Standalone solution delivering full Mobile Connect functionality

Presently the only fully featured open source GSMA certified ID solution

Fully compliant with GSMA Mobile Connect Accelerator (MCX)

Fully compliant with GSMA MCX R1, partial compliance on R2

Enables fully integrated ID strategy including SSO, federated ID services and more

Consists of authenticators for Levels of Assurance 2 and 3 (LOA2, LOA3) including Header Enrichment (HE), SMS, USSD and Smartphone applications

SMS Click URL and/or OTP Authentication Enabled

Works with third party SIM applets and is GSMA Mobile Connect, GSMA OneAPI V3 and ETSI 102.204 compliant

Dynamic Authenticator Selection with MNO and SP based Authenticator Configurations

Configurable USSD/SMS/Push Notification Messages

Configurable User Inputs for USSD Authenticator

Customizable Scope Configurations

Scope Validation per SP and User Info Inclusion at End Point

GSMA Compliant Interactive Data Analytics and Realtime Event Based Notifications

GSMA Standardized UUID Based PCR Support

GSMA Smartphone App Authenticator Specification Compliance

Fully Responsive Mobile UI Based on GSMA User Experience Specifications

Enhanced Security for Header Enrichment Authenticator

Internationalization - supports language switch as per configurations

Supported Authenticators:

  • SMS OTP & Click OK URL
  • USSD Click OK and Enter PIN
  • Smartphone application or SDK
  • Supports third-party SIM applets via implementation of ETSI TS 102 204