External Gateway


100% open source

Full featured API management based on WSO2 API Manager and Telco specific custom gateway handlers

Smart orchestration and workflow

Secure exposure of MNO services over REST APIs

Built-in MNO-specific adapters (SMPP, Web Services, VXML and Diameter)

Insulates the MNO core network elements from external developers

Built-in Mobile Connect compliant Identity Gateway and Authenticator libraries

Authentication and consent management via Mobile Connect

Built in ACR module for anonymizing MSISDNs locally

Swagger definitions for Sandbox with interactive documentation and toolset for SDK generation.
Better documentation maintenance.

Full subscription management functionality supporting a variety of subscription models

Service Provider Billing and API Monetization

Includes Analytics/Reporting service (Total API traffic, Transactions, API responses, Error rates)

Fraud Detection

Wider Reach and access to wider ecosystem through pre-built integrations to WSO2.Telco hubs